January 10, 2017

STAP Program

All Digital Computers & Wireless is the approved State Vendor for Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Programs(STAP) since inception of this program in  2004, under the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services(DARS)-Office for the Deaf and hard of Hearing Services (DHHS).

Texas residents that have certain disability, hard of hearing, blind can apply to the State for a voucher in exchange for devices that are approved by the state.  All Digital Computers & Wireless is the vendor that can help STAP recipients exchange these vouchers.

Please go to the following link to review equipment that is on the approved list:



For questions pertaining to obtaining a STAP Voucher, please contact the office for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services via email stap@dars.state.tx.us or call 512-438-4880, 512-407-3251(TTY)


Procedures for processing of the STAP Voucher

  1. Scan and email a copy of the voucher to kungclara@alldigital-usa.com
  2. State your preference as to a tablet, Apple IPAD or Android, or a smart phone
  3. We will respond to you with the various approved equipment fitting your device category on your voucher
  4. Once decision is made, the equipment will be ordered, and  shipped to your address, or to be picked up at our office
  5. The portion above the voucher cost can be paid with a credit card
  6. Please call Clara at 512-258-8858 for assistance in exchanging your voucher